The word "pono" lends itself to many interpretations across the Hawaiian islands. Some hear it as a call to moral action and goodness. For others it may be a state of balance and harmony. But whether you’re in Honolulu or Hana, islanders can always agree on one central and consistent meaning; righteousness!

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Classic & Current

Pono Ono seeks to blend the varying interpretations of "pono" into a guiding inspiration for how we source, prepare, and serve our poke. Our menu reflects both the classic and current preparations that are so adored across the island chain.

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Harmony & Balance

Pono calls for harmony and balance. We answer with poke that's not over-complicated, never overdressed and always well balanced. The fish is our star, and we mean to let it shine. We cut precisely, season thoughtfully, and toss carefully so you can experience poke the way it was meant to be.

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Environmentally Conscious

To exemplify what it means to be "good" on an environmental scale, we take pride in our environmentally conscious practices; from ingredient sourcing, to packaging materials, and even the lights we use to illuminate our shop.

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Boat to Bowl

The sourcing of our tuna is possible thanks to the fantastic fishermen of Hawaii. In fact, we partner with suppliers recommended directly by the Hawaii Seafood Council! Whenever possible we source our tuna directly from Hawaii, exclusively line caught in Central Pacific waters before it’s shipped fresh to us overnight. Working with sushi grade fish that's never frozen allows us to preserve taste and texture from boat to bowl. The nuts and seaweeds we use in our traditional pokes are also sourced straight from the islands. And while Salmon isn't native to Hawaiian waters, that doesn't stop us from finding sustainable sources off the coast of British Columbia.

Certified Sustainable

It's more important than ever that everyone does what they can to preserve this earth and those who inhabit it. We see it as our responsibility to source sushi grade seafood that is verifiably sustainable. Explore some of the organizations who do the leg work to ensure we're serving what's best for you and your planet.

Share the Love

We don't just take great care of our fish though The Pono Ono team all start above minimum wage, are paid a fair living wage, and we're proud to offer profit sharing opportunities to our most capable and hard working staff members. There's lots of love to go around, why not share some.

Our Poke Philosophy

While all this Righteousness is certainly key, it only makes up half of "Pono Ono". So what is "ono" then, you ask? Well it's "delicious" of course! We use chef driven, tried and tasted recipes to make sure every bite is balanced, flavorful, and well seasoned. We want you to have the poke you crave, but that doesn't mean you have to build it yourself! Let us worry about making the perfect poke while you lei low, and enjoy.

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